Company Makes Matching Pool Floats For You And Your Dogs

May 18, 2018


No longer will you have to be separated from your pooch when you are in the pool. Luxury pool float brand Funboy and the creators of Bark Box have teamed up to create two matching sets of pool floats for pup lovers and their furry friends. The float bundles include a human-sized version and an identical smaller version for your pet! Both versions feature compartments hold your sunscreen on the human version and treats on the pet version. There is also a slot to hold your drink and a water cup for your dog. The floats were created for dogs up to 50 pounds with a specially-designed puncture resistant vinyl. They are sold in bundles with the human-sized floats for $169, or dog floats can be bought individually for $59.

TWINNING! NEW Dog Floats (wait, what?!) ---- FUNBOY x @barkshop collab, designed for your best friend to float beside you! --

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SOURCE: Daily Mail

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