Company Hiring Professional Chocolate Candy Taste Testers

February 12, 2018

© Mikael Damkier | Dreamstime

Now a chance to channel your inner Willy Wonka! Mondelez International, the confectionary company that owns Oreo cookies and Cadbury chocolate, is looking for a four professional chocolate taste testers, including a Chocolate & Cocoa Beverage Taster and Chocolate Taster. You’ll work just 7.5 hours per week, and be required to provide the company with “objective and honest feedback,” on the products you’ll taste. It's so important to the company that new hires be able to explain exactly how the chocolate tastes that it actually lists “honesty,” as one of the job requirements. The last time taste tester positions were opened, there were over a thousand applicants within an hour.  So if you're wanting to become a professional chocolate candy taste tester, make sure you apply online before Friday, February 16th! [CLICK HERE TO APPLY].

SOURCE: Travel + Leisure

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