Companies Cutting Down Alcohol At Holiday Parties

December 6, 2017

© Juan Moyano | Dreamstime

2017 may just be known as the year longtime sexual harassment criminals have been busted and all the allegations have many businesses cutting back on the amount of alcohol at Christmas parties. A recent survey found just 49 % of companies plan to serve alcohol as their holiday events this year, down from an all-time high of 62%, which had been going up each year as the economy improved. However all that booze can make a professional relationship complicated because the rules people normally observe at work don’t quite apply, which makes it easier for people to cross a line or try to get away with serious misbehavior, especially when too much alcohol is involved. Because many companies are petrified of a sexual harassment lawsuit being filed, many are cutting out the open bar, limiting drinks and offering more food.  This year will see more parties with safeguards such as ditching the mistletoe, hiring a monitor to watch people's drinking habits and even opting for a cash bar.


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