Community Rallies To Find Blind Dog Lost In The Mountains

March 8, 2017


When you lose someone you love, you'll stop at nothing to get them back and that includes an entire town! a Sage is a 12-year old Labrador Retriever who has lost her sight due to glaucoma and is a member of the Cole family, who live the mountainous valley of Boulder Creek, California. This story begins on February 24th, when the family turned in for the night, each believing someone else in the family had let Sage back in the house.  However the next morning Sage was nowhere to be found. The Coles immediately began searching for Sage as friends and neighbors joined the search party.  After 7 days, they began to fear the worst as Sage was still missing a people in the community had reported many mountain lion sightings and imminent rains potentially causing more flooding in rain-soaked California.  But they didn't give up hope. The next day, off-duty firefighter Dan Estrada decided to take a hike with his two dogs in the mountains behind his house.  As he approached a stream he saw something down by the creek.  Originally he thought it was a trash bag but as he got closer, he saw a lifeless white lab with her chin just above the water. Estrada thought the worst had happened and how he'd have to bring sage's body back to the Cole family.  However as he and his dogs approached her, Sage lifter her head and began wagging her tail.  Estrada said he was overcome with joy as we raced to pick up sage and return her to town to the Cole family who also were overcome with emotion. They offered Estrada a reward which he declined and actually turned Sage's experience into a fundraiser by creating a series of 7 dog collars; one for each day she was missing with proceeds benefitting the local animal shelter.

SOURCE: Sanmta Cruz Sentinel

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