College Kids Gameday Sign Gets Him Beer Money From Strangers

September 12, 2016

The number one question in sales is, if you don't ask, you'll never know.  That logic worked for Sam Crowder last Saturday, who found himself at the Tennessee-Virginia Tech game Saturday at the Bristol Motor Speedway with no money for libations prior to the game.  So he did what any college kid would do, he made himself a sign addressed to his mom, asking her to give him some cash via the Venmo app.  To make sure his mother saw it, he wiggled his way towards the ESPN College Gameday cameras and voila, the entire nation saw his plea.  To Sam's surprise or cunning marketing, his Venmo account started filling up with cash, over 2,000 people donating money for his plight. Although it is unknown how much money Sam received, the minimum payment you can send though Venmo is once cent, he could have raised a few dollars for some brew or enough to take care of his beer needs throughout his college years!


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