College Degree Fields With The Highest Unemployment

October 10, 2017

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Earning a college degree can improve your chances of employment and a hefty paycheck but that’s not the case for some majors. Career site Zippia used U.S. Census data to find out what the unemployment rate was for people ages 22 to 25 in various fields and found similarities in the degree field of study.  The highest unemployment college degree is Composition and Rhetoric (professional writing, research, and instruction) with a 17.5% unemployment rate.  Next is Environmental Science at 11.8%, Anthropology and Archaeology at 11.7%, Drama And Theater Arts at 11.4% and Film, Video, and Photographic Arts at 11.2%.  But it isn't all arts, society and communication degrees with high unemployment.  A biology degree has an 8.7% unemployment rate.  However a college degree in any field is much more attractive to potential employers than not have any higher learning education.  Just remember that English degree doesn't mean you are only meant to be a teacher!  The task of completing college with a degree shows you are goal-driven.

 1-Composition and Rhetoric -- 17.54%
 2-Environmental Science -- 11.79%
 3-Anthropology and Archaeology -- 11.76%
 4-Drama And Theater Arts -- 11.42%
 5-Film, Video, and Photographic Arts -- 11.24%
 6-Mass Media -- 10.92%
 7-Fine Arts -- 10.90%
 8-Area Ethnic and Civilization Studies -- 10.84%
 9-Intercultural and International Studies -- 9.93%
 10-Communication Technologies -- 9.40%
 11-Biology -- 8.76%

SOURCE: Business Insider

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