Cold and Flu Medicine K-Cups Exists

August 17, 2016


Yep, cold medicine K-cups exists.  The Keurig machine has grown from brewing coffee in single-serve K-Cups, to cold teas, instant soups and now to get over your next cold. CVS just created cold-and-flu medicine that comes in a K-Cup, and can be brewed right in your Keurig machine. There has been hot water cold medicines on the market for some time, such as Theraflu.  But as anyone feeling like death is at your doorstep, waiting for the pot of water to boil can take forever.  Enter the Cold and Flu K-Cup, where your relief is just seconds away.  Daytime and nighttime cold and flu relief K-cups are available now in CVS stores nationwide for $9.99 per package, which includes 4 daytime and 4 nighttime formulas.

SOURCE: Refinery29

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