Coca Cola Zero Being Phased Out And Replaced With Updated Recipe

July 27, 2017

© Fotoatelie | Dreamstime

The echoes of 1985 are haunting lovers of Coca Cola Zero.  The Coca-Cola Company says they've re-tooled the Coke Zero recipe and therefore will be phasing out the current variant of the soda next week from store shelves and replacing it with the new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, which is closer to the taste of the standard Coca-Cola. Even with the current Coca Cola Zero sales up 3.5% from last year, the company is gambling that current Coke Zero lovers will embrace the updated version.  But the gamble may be paying off as the Coke Zero Sugar is already a major hit outside the US, with growth figures reaching the teens. As for the remaining Zero brands, Coca-Cola is considering a similar "reinvention" that include Sprite Zero and Cherry Zero. By contrast, sales of Diet Coke have dropped nearly 2% from last year with no talk of reformulating or rebranding the soda.

SOURCE: Business Insider

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