Coach Plays Adult In PeeWee Football Game

October 26, 2016

© Ken Cole | Dreamstime

Things were looking good for the Capital City Buccaneers Pee Wee Football team of Providence, Rhode Island.  The team of 13 and 14 year old boys had practiced real hard but they were falling behind in last weekend's game against the Tri-town Titans.  That's when the coach of the Buccaneers decided to play his "secret weapon".  As half time ended and the team took the field, parents and fans noticed an older man suiting up in a Buccaneers uniform and began playing.  The 19 year old, believed to be the older brother of one of the Buccaneers player had already been in the game for a few plays before the team's founder Alexandra Diaz ran on to the field to get the adult out of the kid's game. A parent even said they know boys that age are starting to get facial hair, but this player had full facial hair and arm tattoos. Diaz says the coach took full responsibility and has been fired. She says the varsity team has been stripped of the remainder of their season. Nelson Pedro, the league vice president, was at the game because he’s also the president of the opposing team did not mentioned if the League will permanently ban the Buccaneers for the harebrained stunt.


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