Coach McElwain Definitely Says It Isn't Him In The Picture

May 10, 2017

© Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

You shouldn't have to take time out of your day to prove you aren't the man pictured naked while hugging a dead shark on a boat deck.  But that is exactly what Florida Gator football head coach, Jim McElwain had to do after a bizarre photo surfaced online over the weekend.

In the picture man, wearing nothing but a grin, is cuddling next to a dead shark on the deck of a boat.  A close-up of the smiling man's face shows why Coach McElwain was questioned as it appears to be his doppelgänger.  However a spokesperson for the University of Florida has confirmed that McElwain became aware of the photo over the weekend too and that it definitely is not him.

SOURCE: Deadspin

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