Clothing Company Designed For Smaller Women

November 6, 2017

© Monkey Business Images Dreamstime

While clothing for bigger and taller people easily found on the Internet, finding clothing for smaller, “vertically challenged” women can be difficult and usually result in a trip to a tailor for some alterations. It’s' why two women in New York, both 5ft tall have started an online boutique called, Stature, which sells clothing for women 5'4" and under, with sizes 0p to 6p, shoes sized 3 through 6 and work closely with designers to ensure their clothes properly fit shorter women. All items are modelled by 'real' women, who are five-foot-four or shorter and the site's listing offers information on how it fits a smaller frame. Plus, Stature lists measurements for all garments, which makes it easier to understand and replicate them at home before ordering.


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