Climate Controlled Living May Be Harmful For Those With Diabetes

May 2, 2017

© Bacho12345 | Dreamstime

An interesting new study has been released that links room temperature with type 2 diabetes.  It suggest that our modern living environment of constant temperatures negatively affect our body’s sensitivity to insulin. With central heating and air conditioning units more common than ever in homes, buildings and offices our bodies are not subject to temperature changes. Researchers found that diabetes patients that moved into a different temperature for up to two hours saw insulin's effectiveness improve by 40%.  While doctors generally prescribe medications to improve the body's use of insulin, the study suggest the similar results can occur when the body is subject to temperature changes throughout the day.  Moving between the temperatures speeds up the rate at which the body burns calories, say the researchers. This creates energy that generates warmth and may make cells more responsive to insulin.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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