Clever Rolling Pin Embosses Custom Designs Onto Cookie Dough

September 13, 2016


Not to put more on your plate but Christmas is 102 away and that usually entails baking cookies and creating treats.  This year you can personalize your baked goods with a rolling pin that imprints special messages and images in your cookie dough as you roll it out! Designer Zuzia Kozerska-Girard has created Valek embossed rolling pins; a line of laser etched rolling pins with repeating patterns of dogs, cats, dinosaurs, holiday-themed designs, geometric patterns and even one for Game of Thrones fans that transfer onto your treats before you bake them. But if you are wanting your own handwriting, pattern or saying, you can get a customized rolling pin for a unique baked good that is truly magical! Each pin is around $33 with higher costs for a customized pin.

SOURCE: Valek Rolling Pins

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