Clear Coffee Promises To Keep Your Clothes And Teeth Free of Stains

April 18, 2017


If you drink coffee then you've had a coffee spill.  They generally occur seconds before a meeting, while driving to work and any other time where a quick shirt or pants change would be convenient!  That's the inspiration for Brothers Adam and David Nagy, who have created clear, colorless coffee. Clr Cff (Clear Coffee without the vowels) have created a method of removing the staining color from coffee while leaving its flavor and all-important caffeine and all free of preservatives, artificial flavors, sweeteners, or stabilizers

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That's the good news.  Here's the bad, Clr Cff is so popular in Europe that they cannot keep up demand, which means clear coffee in the United States will have to wait for now.  Perhaps that is a good thing as we all know about the fate of other colorless beverages! BUt you shoudl bookmark their web site [CLICK HERE> and check in for updates!

SOURCE: Mashable

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