Clean Eating For Your Pet

April 5, 2017

© Monika Wisniewska | Dreamstime

Eating healthy is going beyond ourselves as the health food market continues to grow for pets. In many instances, our dogs and cats have some of the same health issues as we do, which is why many veterinarians are suggesting pet owners change their pet's food.  One vet has put together a clean eating guide, which includes dog and cat food consisting of coconut oil, flax seed and even collagen to keep them healthy.  Coconut oil supports soft and smooth skin and adds shine to coats and it also has a repellent effect on insects, ticks and mosquitoes. Omega 3, found in flaxseed oil salmon oil, tuna and sardines, promote strong bones, prevent hair loss, boost metabolism and stimulate growth. Collagen can help regenerate joints, bones and tendons, which is concern for many dog and cat breeds. The foundation of your pet's diet should be high in protein (as they are carnivores).  Keep them on the BARF regime, Bones And Raw Food. High protein leaves less room for an upset digestion and intolerance to cereals and grains.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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