City Installs Ramps To Save Ducklings From Drowning

March 9, 2017

© Farmdogfan | Dreamstime

Spring is around the corner and that means Mama Ducks will be leading their ducklings around to find bodies of water to feed and teach them life skills. In Indiana, the city of Indianapolis has a canal lined with concrete to help prevent flooding.  Unfortunately the canal walls are too high for many ducklings and geese to cross leading many to drown.  So this year the city has installed mini ramps throughout the concrete-lined canals so that the young ducks, geese and other water fowl can climb over the wall. The move received praise from local residents and animal groups. The ramps are made of wood and insulation and secured to the canal wall with straps. The ramps float up and down depending on the height of the water.


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