City Fines Walkers For Texting While Crossing The Street

October 26, 2017

© Scott Griessel | Dreamstime

Starting Wednesday (10/25/2017), walkers in Honolulu, Hawaii can be fined for walking across the street while texting, gaming or looking at your phone.  The "Distracted WAlking" law is the firs of it's kind aims to curb teh highest rate of pedestrians hit by cars in the country as being distracted by electronic devices being the main culprit. Experts say people who text while walking are almost four times as likely to engage in a dangerous behavior like jaywalking or not looking both ways before crossing a street, and they also take 18% more time to cross streets than those who aren't distracted by a device. While the new law allows you to talk on your phone and lisen to music, caught lookinga t your device, computers and even scrolling through pictures on a camera; any electronic device that takes your focus off crossing the street safely opens you up to a fine from $15-$35. $35-$75 for the second offense, and $75-$99 if you’re caught breaking the law a third time within one year after the first infraction. What may make this law effective is it's a court fine, meaning you hav to attend court to pay it.  


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