Florida Is Full Of Fast Food Restaurants

July 9, 2018

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Traveling this summer you may find you and your family pulling over for a quick bite to eat. Fast food will be easy to find in Alabama as it has the most fast food restaurants in the United States, according to a Datafiniti survey, with over 6 per 10,000 residents. Nebraska comes in number 2 with 5.4 per 10,000. West Virginia, Oklahoma and Tennessee rounding out the top 5. But it will be harder to find a fast food joint in Vermont where there are just 1.9 fast food restaurants per 10,000 people. New Jersey beat that just slightly with 2.0 restaurants per 10,000 residents, while New York and Mississippi have 2.1 restaurants per 10,000 people. As for all those food shops, Subway has the most with 18.5% of all fast food restaurants in America serving sub sandwiches. McDonalds is the second largest at 11.3%, followed by Burger King with 5.7%, Taco Bell at 5.3% and Pizza Hut 5%. While Florida has 3.3 fast food diners per 10,000 residents, Naples has 43.9 fast food restaurants per 10,000 people and Orlando has the highest number of McDonald's in the country with almost 21 McDonald's per 10,000 residents.

SOURCE: Travel + Leisure

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