Church Temporarily Uses Default iPhone Ringtone In Place of Bell

July 30, 2018

© Joseph Fuller | Dreamstime

What you do you do if you are a church being renovated and during the renovation, you could not ring your bell until they were complete?  Since this is 2018 there are options available for St. Peters Chapel in Lucerne, Switzerland, who asked for help from college students at the nearby university.  Of all the options available, they decided to install a loudspeaker and use a familiar ringtone found on iPhones. At first, the idea of temporarily replacing the bells with ringtones was a joke. But this joke came to fruition. Now when the bell would normally ring, townspeople now hear the default ringtone found on the iPhone.  While many reach for their phone believing someone is calling, one tourist smiled to say that it was God calling.  The iPhone ringtone will continue to serve at the church bell for St. Peters Chapel until the end of the month when renovations should be complete.

SOURCE: BBC (video)

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