Chrome Extension Calls Your Phone For An Easy Way To Excuse Yourself

April 7, 2017

No doubt this has happened to you before, you are working on a project at your desk and a deadline is quickly approaching when all of the sudden, you're visited by a co-worker for a social chat.  You don't want to be rude but you're on a deadline, so what do you do? If you have the "nope" Chrome extension, you quickly move your mouse over to it and click once.  In mere moments, your phone rings, giving you the perfect way to end the conversation and get back to work.  "Nope, I Can't Right Now" is a free extension for the Chrome Internet browser.  Once downloaded, you'll be promoted to enter the phone number. Whenever you need the phone to ring, you click the green square with an N in the upper right corner and within seconds, your phone rings.  To add authenticity, there is a recording on the other end of the line that coaches you on how to make your phone call more believable.  


SOURCE: Pure Wow

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