Christmas Trees Are Expected To Cost More This Year

October 31, 2017

© Czuber | Dreamstime

 As if it wasn't an already stressful year, now comes word of an upcoming Christmas tree shortage.  Pine tree growers in Oregon and North Carolina are warning consumers it will cost upwards of at least 10% or more this year for that perfect Christmas tree.  The reason has nothing to do with drought, fires or disease. It's a hangover from the Great Recession.  During the early 2000s there was an economic boom that lead to farmers planting more pine trees.  Unfortunately, they matured when the majority of Americans were cutting back expenses, which lead an oversupply, which combined with a weak economy lead to many tree farmers selling the farm.  That means today there are fewer tree farmers and fewer trees, which is expected to push up the costs once again this year.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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