Christmas Laser Light Display Warnings

December 7, 2017

© Marcbensonphotography | Dreamstime

One of the popular Christmas traditions is to decorate the outside of your house with lights.  Twinkling, icicles and even choreographed to Christmas music. Now it's even easier with a laser light display.  One device projects thousands of points of Christmas cheer on your home.  However these laser light Christmas displays have the potential for danger for airplane pilots. The laser lights can cause a temporary blindness, which could be at a critical point where a pilot’s eyesight is needed and why there are laws forbidding laser lights pointing at airplanes.  In addition to pilots, the same blindness can happen to drivers too if the laser light display is improperly set up.  Remember to follow the instructions and make it a regular routine to make sure the device is not emitting its light towards drivers and if you liv near an airport or near a flight path, you may want to stick to the traditional wired Christmas lights display.


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