Christmas Ladder Tree

November 27, 2017

© Marcin Wos | Dreamstime

Why spend hours searching for the perfect Christmas tree or worry about the toxic chemicals used to create an artificial tree when you can easily create a Christmas ladder instead. The trendy Christmas ladder that is replacing the traditional evergreen is exactly what it sounds like. People are using stepladders as the festive focal point of their Christmas décor while just add some twinkling lights, hang a few ornaments, and stacking Christmas presents under it. While it’s unclear how exactly this trend got started but it has been a "thing" for the past two years. A search of the hashtag #ladderchristmastree on Instagram will turn up an array of styles, from minimalist to quirky and everything in between.

Finally got our "tree" up! We also decided to give Norman his Christmas present early so we could use it as a tree skirt. I have a strong feeling he approves ----✨ #ChristmasTimeYall

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SOURCE: Fox News

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