Christmas Flowers and Plants Toxic To Pets

December 13, 2016

© Daniel Hurst | Dreamstime

As you decorate for Christmas be careful not to unwillingly supply poison for your pets!  Holly and mistletoe add a festive touch to your home but it can be deadly for cats and dogs.  Holly contains the same molecules found in chocolate, which is dangerous for your pets, especially dogs.  Mistletoe contains multiple substances well known for causing severe intestinal upset, as well as a sudden and severe drop in blood pressure, breathing problems, and even the rare care of hallucinations. Large enough amount of these plants can cause death, even dried potpourri versions are bad for pets and kids.   Keep them out of your pet's reach or kept out of the home altogether. The one Christmas plant with a reputation for being very poisionious is the poinsettia, however researchers say it isn't as toxic to pets as once thought.  It can be fatally toxic if it foul-tasting leaves are eaten in large qualities, and at the very least can cause stomach problems in dogs and cats so play it safe and keep them away from your pets. The Christmas rose can also be toxic to pets if eaten in large qualities. Although evergreen Christmas trees are not a major concern for pet owners, the additives in the water to keep the tree green longer can be toxic to your pet. Check out a larger list of toxic plants for your pets HERE

SOURCE: Dengarden

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