The Chilling Reason Why Some Tomatoes Lack Taste

October 19, 2016

© Nevinates | Dreamstime

Find yourself placing tomatoes in the refrigerator when unpacking groceries? Stop, as we slap your hand in protest! Horticulturalists from the University of Florida and other leading universities that placing tomatoes in the fridge does indeed hurt their flavor.  This explains why most store-bought tomatoes, which are refrigerated for transportation to stores are generally lacking flavor.  The study found that when tomatoes, and other fruits such as apples, oranges, grapes and bananas are stored in temperate below 53 degrees, the flavor begins to deteriorate.  Cool temperature hampers the enzymes that help develop the flavor and although the low temperate keeps the fruit looking good and lasting longer on store shelves, it causes a bland-tasting product.  The chilly effects seem to effect tomatoes the most, leading those seeking flavor to hunt for locally-grown tomatoes that are not refrigerated.  Just remember to keep them at room temperature and out of the refrigerator. However know they will spoil much faster.

SOURCE: Washington Post

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