Child Thinks Car Is A Transformer

July 6, 2017

© Brian Sullivan | Dreamstime

Usually when you see a piece of paper on the windshield of your car it means one of three things, an annoying flier for some food place, a parking ticket or someone has damaged your car!  For the owner of a bright blue Dodge Challenger, the mind wondered as he retrieved the piece of paper from his car.  Quickly it was apparent it wasn't a flier or parking ticket but a note.  As surely his mind wondered to what damage had been done to his car, he began to read it.  "My son just started watching Transformers a few weeks ago. He is almost 4yrs old and may or may not have slapped your car a few times to try and wake him up (sorry). We took a few pictures of him with your car, you honestly made his day (and possibly skewed his perception of reality for the next decade.)" The car's owner shared the note and story online and admitted he couldn't blame the 4 year old since there is an Autobot emblem on the side of his Challenger.  There was no damage to the car.

Usually when people leave notes on my car they aren't as heartwarming

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