Child Proof Your Christmas Decorations

December 8, 2017

© Joruba | Dreamstime

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates around 15,000 holiday decorating injuries occur every Christmas and most of those injuries happen to children.  So child-proof your Christmas decorations. For those with smaller kids or grandchildren you might want to ditch the weighted stocking holders as they are one of the biggest causes for injuries.  Instead hang your stockings using 3M Command hooks, which stick to flat surfaces, and come off cleanly when it’s time to remove them. Opt to skip the glass ornaments.  The risk of them being knocked down and shattering into a hundred pieces is something you don't want to step!  Instead go with unbreakable ornaments.  However if a glass ornament does break, use a piece of piece of sliced bread to pick up the smaller shards. Mistletoe, holly and poinsettia plants should be avoided too.  While mistletoe and holly can be deadly if eaten by children and pets, poinsettia are necessarily poisonous for kids but since they are part of the rubber tree family, they could be a problem for those allergic to rubber.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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