Chemtherapy Drug Shown To Stimulate Hair Growth On Bald Heads

September 28, 2016


There are all sorts of bald treatment designed to regrow folliclly-challenged heads around the world.  Ironically, a medication used in cancer chemotherapy might just be the one to awaken your own hair to regrow!  Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center found that 75% of people who took the drug ruxolitinib, a drug used to treat bone cancer patients, reported significant hair regrowth after taking it. The medication reawakens dormant hair follicles and helps regrow hair again and the results in the 4 month trail are extraordinary. In the trial, 12 patients were given 20mg of the drug twice a day for three to six months. Nine had hair regrowth of 50% or more; seven of those had achieved 95% regrowth by the end of the treatment period. However, some had suffered hair loss in the follow-up period when the medication was stopped, although it did not reach pre-treatment levels. More testing is scheduled.  These findings were recently reported in the Journal of Clinical Investigation/Insight.


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