Check If Your Toilet Is Leaking With Food Coloring

May 18, 2018

© Feng Yu | Dreamstime

Your toilet may be leaking and you don't even notice it.  While big toilet leaks are easy to detect as you can usually hear them, a slow leak is quiet yet still ends up costing you money.  You can check to see if you toilet is slowly leaking by reaching for a bottle of food coloring. Just lift the lid off your toilet tank and add a few drops of dye into the water inside. You'll want to use enough so that you notice a distinct color change in the water, but not so much that you risk accidentally dyeing the inside of your toilet tank or bowl. Replace the lid and let your toilet sit for 15-20 minutes. If you see colored water in the toilet bowl, you have a faulty flapper or fill valve. Then it's time to call the plumber or fixit yourself.  Either way a little food coloring could save you big cash and help prevent wasting our water resource. 

SOURCE: The Kitchn

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