Cheating Husband Causes Airplane To Make An Emergency Landing

November 8, 2017

Finding out your spouse is having an affair can make you angry enough to have an entire airplane diverted! A Qatar Airways flight was traveling from Doha to Bali when an unidentified woman decided to use her sleeping husband’s finger to unlock his mobile phone.  What she found horrified her as the father of her child apparently was having romantic relations with another woman.  She was so enraged with anger that flight attendants could not calm her down and fearing for the safety of the flight crew and passengers, the pilots declared a mid-flight emergency and diverted the entire airplane to India, which is about half way to its destination.  The couple and their child were removed from the airplane as it resumed its trip.  As for the angry wife and her cheating husband no police charges were filed but they had could not book a flight home until the wife sobered up as she was reportedly drunk.


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