Cheating Boyfriend Attempts To Use Mannequin Challenge Excuse

November 9, 2016

© Olga Sapegina Dreamstime

The latest 5 minute fad on the Internet is the mannequin challenge.  It works by posting still (like a mannequin) while someone video records it and hashtags it online. 

Although you may find it challenging to understand the trend, you can imagine how it could be used to play off being caught red-handed doing something you shouldn't be doing; like talking to another girl. One guy who was busted by his girlfriend for making plans with another girl while on the phone.  Thank goodness there is video on this one, which starts with the girlfriend capturing a few seconds of his conversation through a cracked bathroom door.  The guy doing as far as telling the woman he would be ironing his short and heading over in a few to meet up with her.  When the girlfriend finally make her presence known, the boyfriend instantly froze and went into mannequin challenge-mode.  Finally he broke character to explain that the whole phone call was part of his mannequin challenge set up.  Of course, his girlfriend, or perhaps ex, didn't buy it as we are left to wonder the outcome of the relationship. Video has some strong language-be aware.

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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