Chances Are Your Tossing Away The Healthiest Part of Watermelon

July 29, 2016

Summer doesn't seem the same without eating a delicious piece of watermelon.  But recently we found out the majority of us are throwing out the healthiest part of the watermelon, the seeds. It turns out these bothersome seeds are packed with proteins, vitamins and other nutrients your body needs. Watermelon seeds have fewer calories and carbs than almond nuts and has more protein per serving. Plus watermelon seeds contain healthy doses of vitamin B and magnesium, which help stabilize your blood pressure and your metabolism. Other nutrients include potassium, phosphorous, sodium, copper, iron and zinc. Bu fi you still find them more of an annoyance than a health benefit at the time you eat watermelon, when picking them off your slice, put them aside and let them dry out a bit and enjoy them later or just buy them separately at the store.

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Source: National Institute of Health