Champagne Shortage Looming

August 12, 2016

Don't mean to alarm you but there is a chance that Champagne may be in short supply this year.   Producers of the iconic French sparkling wine just experienced the most challenging growing season in some 60 years thanks to a host of issues like a late spring frost, hailstorms and a mildew epidemic have all led producers to dig into their reserves to make sure the bubbly never stops slowing.  So Champagne may still flow but you may want to use vintage bottles (grapes grown exclusively in the Champagne region of France) sparingly. Meanwhile supplies of cocoa are being taxed by a bad weather and diseased cacao trees in Ghana, the world's largest cocoa producing country.  And the looming shortages of Scotch and Coffee in the next 10-20 years means we could be witnessing the four horseman of the culinary apocalypse.


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