Champagne Pairs Perfectly With A Hearty Steak

May 31, 2018

Nothing encapsulates celebration more than a pop of a champagne bottle!  While it may sound strange but instead pairing your steak with red wine or beer, pour a glass of bubbly instead. Experts point out that champagne and sparking white wines are much more versatile as a food wine than any other wine. The delicate yet complex layers of the champagne, combined with the fine bubbles, work in harmony with the juicy and succulent texture of the lightly cooked meat. It's fun and different and really works. Champagne can also be an easy pleaser when ordering a cheese platter, which is the short answer.  The long form is that certain cheese pairs better with red and white wines based on the age and dryness of the cheese.  While aged Gouda pairs perfectly with a Cabernet Sauvignon, it battles for flavor dominance if paired with Brie.  So unless you want to spend a good amount of time on your phone researching the right wine to pair the cheeses offered [CLICK HERE IF YOU DO], order bubbly and enjoy the experience!

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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