Certain Music Genres Can Help Your Ailments

July 7, 2017

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Music is much more than just a playlist of songs you enjoy!  It has the power to cure many ailments, from anxiety to memory loss, says music therapist Dr. Stella Compton-Dickinson.  The art of music therapy lies in figuring out what type of songs to listen to at the right time to alter your mood for the better. For instance, you can improve your memory by listening to songs that bring back memories.  Certain songs you may have not heard in a while can be a gateway to lost memories and emotions.  Music therapy is often used with dementia patients.  To calm anxiety listen to drumming or beatboxing.  Anxiety, at its essence, is built up energy for our fight or flight caveman mind.  Repetitive type music can distract your mind enough for you to expel that energy by beating along with the rhythm.  Picking up some drumming or beatbox classes can give you an escape to rely on.  To build up your focus, listen to your favorite playlist.  Listening to your favorite playlist can help to settle your heart rate and distract you from disturbing external noises, especially if you focus on your breathing as you listen. By distracting your mind, it "resets" your thinking and therefore should help you focus on what needs your attention.

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