Caution In Waxing Your Nose Hair

April 10, 2017

© Rolffassbind | Dreamstime

Some good advice to start the work week, don't wax your nose hair.  Not only is it extremely painful, as beauty vlogger Sepi Balini points out, but is unhealthy. In the video, Sepi has two wax dipped sticks are inserted into each nostril and yanked out after setting. But experts warn would-be nose hair waxers that nose hair plays an important role in trapping dirt and foreign particles from entering our lungs as we breathe as well as germs and viruses. Plus the wax used could cause nicks and tears to the skin further opening yourself up to an infection.  However if you feel waxing your nose hair is a must, make sure your nose is healthy and the wax doesn’t burn the inside of the nostril.

⭕⭕I ONLY WAX THE VERY FRONT, I KNOW THE IMPORTANCE OF NOSE HAIR. You gotta do what you gotta do....NOSE HAIR BE GONE! ⭕⭕⭕ Thanks to my dear friend Katrin at @anastasiabeverlyhills salon @abhsalon for waxing my nose hair ! I'm Iranian so....that means lots of hair -- Song: Panda #hairandmakeupdiary

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