Is Cauliflower Rice Confusing You?

May 25, 2017

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There's a showdown heading towards the Food and Drug Administration over cauliflower rice.  The white vegetable that is pulverized in a food processor until it looks and acts like rice, is not rice and should not be called rice, says the President of USA Rice.  The lobbyist group says cauliflower rice is confusing customers and calling it riced vegetables, is misleading. Cauliflower rice acts like rice in that it absorbs the sauces and flavor of whatever it is cooked with and the added benefit of being a low carb cooking gladiator. Its popularity is rising and that may be the reason why rice wants the government to step in.  However a representative of the Plant Based Foods Association said, "As long as consumers are not confused, I doubt USA Rice will get very far with [the> FDA."

SOURCE: Business Insider

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