Carjackers Plan To Steal Car From Car Wash Gets Sprayed Out

July 28, 2016

A potential carjacking turned to be all wet for the thieves as they try and steal a man's car at a Shreveport, Louisiana carwash last week.  Michael Davis says he was washing his car at Oasis self-serve car wash around 2am Wednesday morning and was finishing up the wash using the high pressure water wand.  A man approached him asking for money and while Davis said he didn’t have anything to give another man approached him from behind, wearing a mask and had a handgun drawn on him, staying to 'give me your keys and your money'.  Davis stated he could hear him and asked what he said.  As he is asking the gunman what he said, he sprays the world-be thief in the face with the high pressure water.  The robber's friend tried to attack but Davis sprayed him too; all while calmly smoking a cigarette. After about 20 seconds of spraying, the thieves ran away empty-handed.  It was all caught on a car dash cam.  

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