Carjackers Drop Off Kid And Wish Him A Good Day At School

January 26, 2017


Even criminals know the value of a good education.  As winter grips everywhere but Florida, 10 year old Richard Rodriguez was hoping to warm his parent's car up before they took him to school in a suburban Chicago neighborhood.  He started the car and patiently waited for ih parents to open the doors and get in the car.  However when the doors opened, it wasn't his parents, it was a man and a woman.  The pair of thieves quickly drove the car out of the driveway not noticing Richard was in the back seat.  A few moments later one of the robbers gazed at the back seat to discover Richard sitting there.  The car pulled over and the two frantically told Richard to quickly get out of the car.  But as he was exiting with his backpack, the crime team gave him an unexpected goodbye.  The told him to have a good day at school.  Richard returned home unharmed as his parents car was reported stolen and it still missing.


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