Cards Against Humanity Create Bad Dad Jokes Expansion Pack

June 12, 2018

© Meicphotoart | Dreamstime

Just in time for Father's day, the sometimes raunchy party game, Cards Against Humanity, have released a Father's Day Pack loaded with 30 new bad dad jokes cards you can add to your deck. However when you go to buy them, skip the games section and head towards the DVD movie area at your favorite store.  That's because the 30 card expansion deck is housed inside a DVD case that looks like action movies from the 90s. Using a random title generator, Cards Against Humanity came up with some unique titles that takes us back to browsing the shelves of Blockbuster. Titles like, Universal Danger, Blood Oath: Remembrance, Red Fear Massive Heat and Sniper Dad, the posters come with hilarious quotes and reviews. The bad dad jokes expansion sells for $6 each at Target or online.  The hardest part is going to be which of the 10 action movie DVD cases will dad like the most [SEE THE COMPLETE TITLE LIST HERE>!

SOURCE: Thrillist

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