Cardboard Cutout Of Tom Brady Slows Drivers Down

December 8, 2017

© David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Love him or hate him, Tom Brady has superpowers!  The quarterback for the NFL’s New England Patriots and 5-time Super bowl winner is not only good at football, he can get fast drivers to slow down. Sam Balto is a physical education teacher at Ellis Elementary School outside of Boston.  While the posted speed limit in 20, he had clocked cars driving as fast as 56mph through the school zone. The threat of hitting a child or receiving a speeding ticket didn't slow drivers down, so he decided to affix laminated cut-outs of the star quarterback’s head to pedestrian crossing signs.  To the surprise of everyone outside of Boston, the trick has worked as drives have begun to slow down through the school zone. For Bostonians, Tom Brady has the power to compel speeders to slow down!

SOURCE: Boston Globe

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