Car Thief Would Return Stolen Property Completely Clean And With Full Tank Of Gas

October 26, 2016


Quite possibly the most polite and courteous criminal in the world lives in Hangzhou, China, where a 19 year old has been arrested for grand theft auto.  But the brash burglar did have some respect for the cars and their owners as he returned the SUV in pristine condition, even washing it and filling up the gas tank! According to a police report the young man had been doing this for quite some time.  He scoped out a rich couple with a garage full of luxury cars and learned their habits before forging a key to operate the vehicles.  Late at night he would sneak in to the open area garage "borrow" a car and return it completely washed and with a full tank of gas to conceal his crime.  The man reportedly did his crime to impress his friends and women by posing as a wealth bachelor around the city late at night.

SOURCE: Mirror

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