Car Rental Companies Cashing In On Toll Roads

August 14, 2017

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Renting a car can be like navigating a gauntlet of free and charges that are not necessarily ones you have to pay.  From insurance coverage to express fuel options,the convenience of time comes with extra rental fees has now been expanded to pre-paid tolls.  As more road become pay-as-you-drive, rental car companies are quick to install toll transponders in their fleets.  Yes they are convenient and fast just you’re your personal one but there is one big difference. Many rental car companies will charge a daily convenience, administrative, or service fees for this toll service.  This fee can vary from $4 to $6, which is generally more than the tolls themselves. What is even more wallet-draining that that convenience fee is charged daily for as long as you use the car even if you do not use a toll road for the rest of your trip!  While lawmakers and advocates who have begun to file complaints against companies charging the fees, you should make some choices if renting car is in your future.  First, don't use the pre-pay lanes without a transponder.  While you may receive a $3 ticket in the mail, the rental car companies can bill you as much as $100 for skipping payment of tolls. If you plan on using a toll road once or twice, it is much cheaper for you to pay with cash.  Or perhaps bring your own transponder. Florida Sunpass works on some toll roads in Georgia and North Carolina. Legislation that requires transponders to be compatible through all states has been stalled in Congress.

SOURCE: The Consumerist

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