Car Maker Has Created A Cage To Automatically Blocks Calls And Texts For Safer Driving

May 3, 2017

© Scott Griessel | Dreamstime

Texting has led to an increase in distracted driving but it almost feels impossible to leave your phone alone when a text alert is received.  Nissan says they have gone to the 19th century to tackle a 21st century problem in developing Signal Shield.  It creates a secure flip-top signal-blocking compartment in the armrest of the car into which drivers can place their phones to block out all cellular, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals. Interesting enough, the idea and technology was around long before our grandparents were born! Signal Shield blocks out radio waves by using conductive material, like wire mesh that blocks electromagnetic fields. It is known as a Faraday cage and it was created in 1830 by an English scientist, Sir Michael Faraday.  The principle is already inside your car, where the rubber tires insulate and protect you in the event a lightning bolt strikes it.  Nissan is planning on launching it in car models possibly by next year. Its simplicity can't be overstated as all you do it drop it in the armrest to become technology free.  Need to make a call or text at a stoplight? Simply take it out of the armrest and its connections will automatically restore. You would use a physical wire to connect it to your car to play music or listen to a podcast.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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