Car Lost In Parking Garage For Six Months

January 3, 2017

© Viktor Gladkov | Dreamstime

We've all had that moment where we forgot where we parked our car.  Usually after a few minutes were able to find it, however that wasn't the case for one man.  Back in June 2016, he borrowed his friend's BMW to attend a Stone Roses concert in Manchester, England. We can only imagine the man's excitement was overwhelming and after an incredible concert, he couldn't remember where he'd parked the car.  He checked numerous parking garages but wasn't sure which one he'd used.  Over the next 5 days, he searched in vain and eventually in August, the owner reported the car stolen.  Police officers on patrol in preparation for New Year’s Eve festivities noticed a car that appeared to be abandoned in one of the car garages, ran the license plate and discovered it was the missing car from 6 months ago in perfect condition; no damage and nothing stolen. The owner was notified of the discovery.  However it is unclear if he would be responsible for the accumulated fee of $6,150 for being parked for over half a year in the same spot!

SOURCE: Manchester Evening News

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