A Car That Can Predict When Traffic Lights Change

August 16, 2016


Cars are getting smarter.  Not only can some models park themselves, stop on their own and drive themselves, now German auto manufacturer, Audi, introduces a system that tells drivers how long it will take for a traffic light to change from red to green. The system, part of Audi's Connect Prime service wirelessly links vehicles to traffic-management computers in certain U.S. cities. The car will count down the time until a light is going to turn green, but will stop counting down a few seconds in advance to ensure drivers actually wait for the light to change before they hit the gas. If the system thinks a driver won't make it through a green light, it will also start counting down as if the light were red. The system is available on the 2017 Q7 SUV and A4 sedan built after June 1 and will cost somewhere between $25 to $33 per month for the Connect Prime service. For now, the system will only work in a handful of U.S. cities.

SOURCE: Recode

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