Candy-Flavored Cheese Aims To Get Kids To Eat Healthier

April 13, 2017

© Tilo | Dreamstime

Kids can be picky eaters and that can be a concern, especially if they're not getting the nutritional foods they need.  That's most likely the inspiration for a Wisconsin cheese company that has come up with candy-flavored string cheese.

Cow Candy has come up with honey, grape and orange-flavored Monterey Jack cheese sticks that they hope will be a kid's choice over sugary candy. Each cheese stick contains 15% of your daily value of calcium and just 1 to 2 grams of sugar, which is drop in the bucket compared to many candies. Not to mention they're packed with protein.  The company recently partnered with toy maker Hasbro for two new flavors, Pinkie Pie Strawberry and Optimus Prime Fruit Punch. Each pack sells for just under $6.

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