Can You Travel With Your Prescribed Medical Marijuana?

June 20, 2018

Yesterday, Canada because the second country in the world to fully legalize marijuana. The measure legalizes all marijuana possession, home growing, and sales for adults as it joins Uruguay in de-criminalizing it for medical or recreational use. In the United States, 29 states and Washington DC legally allow marijuana but laws vary for its purpose, which leads to the question, can you carry your own stash when traveling on an airplane from one state to another where marijuana is legal? The short answer is no. That's because marijuana is still considered a controlled substance under federal law, and federal law prevails at all U.S. airports. While the TSA is looking for security threats and something like marijuana is low priority for them, that doesn't mean you couldn't potentially get into hot water if it's found during security screening. Local police could then be called, and it's up to them how hard they want to be on you. The bottom line is it's a risk to fly with weed. But if you take the chance, the experts offered some tips, including following TSA's rules and not doing anything that could get their attention, that edibles might be safer to carry, not carrying a large amount of marijuana or putting it into small packages, which could make it look like you plan to sell it, and if you do get busted, stay quiet, cooperate, and get a lawyer. While the majority of Floridians polled believe recreational marijuana should be legal, the issue failed to make it on the 2018 ballot.

SOURCE: Huffington Post

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