Can A Manicure Be A Cause Of Skin Cancer?

July 10, 2017


We lather ourselves in sunblock, wear hates, sit in the shade and avoid being outside in peak sunlight hours, thinking we've got the upper hand in blocking skin cancer.  However your hands may be the source of skin cancer risks if you find yourself getting a manicure. Gel manicures are very popular as they resist chipping and flaking better than regular nail polishes.  However they need a quick burst of UV radiation to cure and that purplish light is sending red flags up for dermatologist.  The good news is that the UV light exposure for gel nail setting is very low and that's not the problem.  The issue lies with the frequency you may have them done.  Getting a gel Mani once a week for years can add up and many skin cancers aren't isolated to areas that receive direct UV light. But that doesn’t mean you have t give up on your weekly Mani either.  Dermatologist recommend applying sunscreen on your hands before hand to ensure you are getting as much protection as possible, even while giving your fingers a treat!

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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