Can Double-Dipping Make You Sick?

March 9, 2018

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Thanks to a twenty-five year old TV episode, the mere thought of dunking a food item into dip, taking a bite and them re-submerging the food back into the dip.  The Seinfeld episode where George Costanza at a party double dipped a chip into dip.  But is double dipping as disgusting as it sounds? Perhaps not.  Scientists say there’s about a million microbes in your mouth and of those germs, only about 1% ever get transferred to the soon-to-be double-dipped item.  Even less as the portion that touched your mouth or tongue doesn't make the return trip to the dip.  It's mainly because as unique as we all are, the bacteria in our mouths are pretty much the same. However if the double-dipper is has ta cold or flu, than you are exposing your body to something it might not be familiar with, like a virus, so there could be an immune response. Scientist call it "minimal infective dose," which means you have to be exposed to a certain number of germs in order for you to get sick. In the bacterial sense, it's tens of hundreds of thousands of microbes. So that can't happen via dip, unless someone literally spits in it. But with viruses, it could be as little as one microbe which unfortunately can be spread via dip.

SOURCE: Thrillist

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